Customer story – Winester OÜ

Winester OÜ is focused on electric works and everything related to that. There is around 20 people working in the company and different job-sites are located all around Estonia. We are currently working on a project  next to Port of Tallinn’s Admiralty Basin where we are relocating electric cables.

Our journey with LiuGong excavator started in early spring of 2012, when the machine was presented in construction machinery fair. I got more familiar with different machines and when compared them to each other then LiuGong CLG906C was the most suitable machine in it’s weight class. Price and expected quality were decisive factors in the end that helped me to make the decision, elaborates Mr. Tarvi Velström. 

User experience with LiuGong excavator has been quite normal. Machine allows to perform at various jobs and we are happy with the reliability of components.

Tarvi Velström

Although there was a period when there was problems with some spare parts availability, we are happy  with the general distribution process and the machine is still working today.  We have added additional equipment to the machine and figured out special solutions that make the working process more effective. In general it is quite simple machine and therefore urgent repairs and changes of materials have been done by our own technicians. Machine operator makes sure that all the service points are covered and greased. Substantial maintenance jobs have been performed by LiuGong dealer AS A.K.K.

Meelis, machine operator comments that he has been working with LiuGong CLG906C excavator and approves the machine in operators point of view. There was other operators before me who also shared positive feedback about this excavator. As an advantage I could bring out machine’s fuel consumption which makes it economical. It matters what is excavator being used for but in general the machine is economical.

Visibility is very important when working at pipeline excavation. LiuGong has nailed it and machine can be operated easilly – joystick system and hydraulics are smooth.


There is not much difference if the name tag on excavator is LiuGong, Caterpillar or Volvo, which means that jobs can be done in same way. What matters is machine operator’s experience.