The anniversary BELAZ-7555 was produced

The anniversary BELAZ-7555 chassis will be supplied to Estonia to be operated at slate stone mine of Enefit Kaevandused Company. The official representative of OJSC “BELAZ” in Estonia is AS “A.K.K.” Company, which secures the service maintenance of 156 units of belarusian mining machinery at 26 Companies in Estonia, Lithuania and Finland. 

3,000-th mining dump truck BELAZ-7555 with payload capacity of 55 MT was produced at OJSC “BELAZ”. The General Director of OJSC “BELAZ” as well as the representatives of AS “A.K.K.” and “Enefit Kaevandused” participated in the official ceremony. Currently, the range of BELAZ-7555 dump trucks is represented by six modifications that differ by the installed engines, body design and other parameters. All the modifications of BELAZ-7555 are equipped with reliable motors of high performance as well as number of different options and specialized systems, which secure easy and simply operation. The dump trucks are produced in accordance with climatic operating conditions and technical specifications of the end-user.

The dump trucks of BELAZ-7555 series are of high demand among mining companies. Over two decades there were assembled and successfully commissioned 3,000 mining dump trucks with payload capacity of 55 MT in 20 countries worldwide, such as: Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Chile, Estonia.

BELAZ-7555 mining dump truck is a combination of traditional achievements with new performance characteristics:
– enhanced stability when moving laden in mines is reached due to successfully matched kinematics of the suspension guide and extended spring axle track;
– min. labour intensity in maintenance is secured by more convenient location of units and components; the reduction of grease points is observed by using new “non-service” materials.