Customer story – Scanweld-Tootmise AS

Scanweld-Tootmise AS is producing steel constructs and structures. Company is also supplying it’s job-sites with steel materials. Production facilities are located in Jõelähtme where we are using LiuGong diesel engine forklift CLG2035H. Scanweld has different branch of businesses, with total employees of 60 people. Scanweld AS is specialising in general contracting and project management. Scanweld Trassid OÜ is focused on pipeline construction. Scanweld Ehitus OÜ is specialised in civil construction and Scanweld-Tootmise AS where we are located is producing steel structures, details and everything else that are necessary for all these activities, says CEO of Scanweld-Tootmise AS Aivar Rist.

We are using LiuGong forklift in daily activities, transporting and moving prefabricated products, raw materials and ready to deliver products. This machine has plenty of work and comes in handy when moving materials around. LiuGong forklift has been in use since the beginning of 2013.

When asking if the machine has failed to do its job or has needed any other special handling then the answer from the machine operator was NO.

Aivar Rist

Kalev Järve, machine operator comments that he has used LiuGong CLG2035H forklift more than two years and since then the machine has worked without any failures. LiuGong is with very good manoeuvrability for everyday lifting jobs. Cargo can be easily loaded and unloaded in narrow places and many times there are more reversing than direct driving.

In order to prevent rain and wind from blowing from behind, I added a cover to cabin’s roof and to the backside of cabin.

Kalev Järve

We have got after-sales support from AS A.K.K.’s technical team quickly, with whom we have solved maintenance problems. Overall impression of LiuGong is good and we can focus on our job with confidence.