Customer story – Relss OÜ

Relss OÜ is company based in Tartumaa that is focused on demolition and digging works along with lorry tranpsortation.

LiuGong CLG375 skid steer loader has been working for us little bit over 4 years. We have had mostly positive experience with Liugong, due to which I am confident of testing another LiuGong models in the future. CLG375 has great lifting capacity and dump height, which is used mostly at landscape and greenery applications. 

The advantage of this model is great lifting capacity with dump clearance, which makes it important tool at loading trucks.

Urmas Kiili

The main factor why I decided to try LiuGong Machinery was the competitive purchase price of the machine and I can say that the return on invest of this skid steer loader is hight.