Customer story – Estonia OÜ

Estonia OÜ is focused on raising dairy cattle and farming activities with employees of 125 personnel. CLG365A skid steer loader is the first LiuGong machine we have and it is used to push manure and support smaller lifting activities in dairy cattle barn of 1000 animals.

LiuGong 2,9 ton skid steer loader was chosen for this job mostly because of the price difference with competitive brand models. Old equipment was amortised and our farm needed a new one to do the job. The quality of Liugong skid steer loader has surprised us positively because at first we were little suspicions about this unfamiliar brand, says Andrus Lund. The machine is still in use today and has been working without problems for 3 years now.

It is very important that the machine is reliable and does what it supposed to do. Skid steer loader is working without problems and I can assure that LiuGong has made a good machine with very good price.

According to our experience with LiuGong CLG365A, we are ready to try out other LiuGong models in the future.

Andrus Lund