Customer story – Elfi Elekter OÜ

We have two companies – Elfi Elekter and Elektriväli. Wheel loader belongs to Elfi Elekter but is used by Elektriväli in quarries, says CEO of Elfi Elekter Toivo Strandberg.

When choosing the machine, we kept in mind that the wheel loader’s workload would not be high as it works only in one shift. Therefore it was rational to buy little bit cheaper machine. Today we can see that yearly working hours are slightly less than 1000.

Since equipment is ageing morally in time, then we didn’t want to buy expensive machine, whereas LiuGong’s price and quality ratio seemed to be in balance.

It all came down to professional sales representative, who competently made the most suitable offer.

Toivo Strandberg

LiuGong CLG856III has been working for us since 2011 and has proved itself according to our expectations. Wheel loader might be little bit older in design and is also a bit noisier but it works reliably.

Machine operator Peeter Veevel adds that he has been working with LiuGong CLG856III wheel loader for 4 years and during this time the machine has performed flawless. His duties are digging the soil in quarry and loading the materials into crushers and trucks.

The advantage of LiuGong wheel loader is that all wheels engage with ground perfectly. All four wheels start automatically pulling when machine is working in tough conditions or it needs more power. Besides strong traction, loader has smooth gear shift. I am satisfied with ZF transmission and brakes are reliable as well.

Peeter Veevel

There is everything in the cabin for operator comfort – conditioner, adjustable seat, capacious storage space and radio. Besides that the machine has great visibility, which allows seeing the cutting edge of bucket’s blade and in what position the working attachment currently is.