CBR 40H Self-Erecting Crane

Self Erecting Tower Cranes AS AKKCranes suitable for both road and containerized transport. These cranes can be controlled from impassable jobsites where other material handling cranes cannot work effectively. Single self-erecting crane makes all the jobs that is done by other material handling equipment like forklifts, boom trucks, mobile cranes, reduces overall fuel and labor costs for handling other machines.

The next generation self-erecting crane has sophisticated electronic controls (ECU) and operator assistance devices that enhance safer and more productive operation from ground. The fully hydraulic system provides the operator to have complete control over erection of the crane. The model has a self-ballasting and wind speed indicator that sends signals to operator’s control system. Besides that self-erectors are designed to be easily transported and erected.

It can be done either by carrying it on trailer or attaching road axles to it. To make the crane stronger the whole construction including jib is made of galvanized steel. New cranes are designed with interchangeable parts making service more effective. On top of that it has automatic greasing system that works during rotating.

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